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How to Install Microsoft Office 365 for Mac OS


SNHU offers free Microsoft Office to Staff, Students, and Faculty. This article will tell you how to download and install Microsoft Office 365 from to a personal Mac computer.

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Enter SNHU email address and click next.

Step 3: Enter Password and click Sign In.

Step 4: Click Install Office.

Step 5: Click Office 365 apps. 

Step 6: Click Show downloads button. 

Step 7: Office 365 will finish downloading.

Step 8: Double-click download file. 

Step 9: Click Continue twice and then Agree.

Step 10: Click Install and the program will begin installation.

Step 11: Once it's finished, you can click close.

Step 12: Click Finder. 

Step 13: Click Applications. 

Step 14: Office 365 applications will appear. 

Note: Applications can be dragged to the dock for quick access. 

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