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How to Allow Microsoft Teams to Screen Record to Share Screen (Mac)


To use Screen Sharing in Teams with you Mac, verify that you have allowed “Screen Recording” in your privacy settings. Without allowing this you will not be able to share your screen while in Teams.

Select the Apple Icon in the Top Left

Apple logo highlighted.

Select “System Preference…”

Settings for Mac drop-down menu. With System Preference highlighted.

Select “Security & Privacy”

Inside of Mac settings. With the security and privacy highlighted.

Select “Privacy”

Inside of the security and privacy settings of Mac. With privacy highlighted.

Select “Screen Recording”

The privacy options. With Screen Recording highlighted.

You may need to select the lock icon and enter your computer password at the bottom left to continue.

The lock at the bottom highlighted.

In the Right Side Find “Microsoft Teams” and Select the Check Box

The screen recordings settings with Microsoft Teams highlighted.

Once done you will need to quit and reopen your Microsoft Teams desktop app.

The pop-up of allowing with quit and reopen highlighted.
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