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How to Share a PollEverywhere Poll


When sharing a presentation with a poll to others.  You and the group you will be sharing the poll and presentation with should be in the same Team.  If you are not in a Team, notify [email protected] or James Luby ([email protected]) to be added to a Team for sharing Polls.

Once added the Team name and Total Team members will be displayed.

Poll everywhere website homepage with a red arrow pointing towards the team’s tab button.

Once an account administrator has set up Teams any presenter on the account may share activities with their user group.  All users must be part of a team to share activities with that team.  Only the owner or creator of an activity may share it with others.

NOTE: Sharing a folder will share any and all activities and folders within that folder.

Step 1: Create a folder.

Team’s page with a red box around and a red arrow pointing at “folder.”

Name your new folder and hit Create folder.

Giving a name to the poll everywhere folder and a red box and red arrow pointing towards “create folder.”

Step 2: Put the activities you want to share into the folder.  When you create a poll you can specify the folder you want your activities to be saved in.

Activities inside of the poll with a black box around assign an activity to the group.

NOTE: If you do not select a group or if you select default then the activities will be saved to your activities page and will need to be moved into a folder to be shared.

If you have activities that aren't in the folder you can move them easily by simply dragging them from your Activities page into a folder. You can access the Activities page from the left side panel.

Activities page for poll everywhere while dragging a folder around. Two red boxes one around “the new deal” folder and a “what is the best activity?” poll.

If you want to move multiple activities at once you can do so by selecting their checkboxes and then selecting the move button that appears.

Two activities selected with a red box around the checked boxed and a red box around “move.”

Then select the folder you want to move the activities into.

Activities side window with a red box around “the new deal.”

Once inside the correct folder select the Move button to move the activities.

Conformation for moving around activities with a red box around “move” button.

Step 3: Select the 3 dots next to the folder you want to share and select share. activity or activities you have added, then select on the share button. On the next screen, choose the group you would like to share to and hit save.

Sharing the folder or activities with a red box around the three dots and “share.”
Selecting the team, you want to share this with.

Now everyone in the Team can see and use your activities. Shared folders will have a small icon next to them to let you know they're shared.

The folder just shared with the shar icon with the folder boxed in red.

Sharing a PowerPoint presentation with a Poll

A user can share or e-mail copy of the PowerPoint to anyone in the Team.  Once they have a copy of the PowerPoint download the Presentation.

Step 1: Download shared presentation.  Select on the Ellipsis select "Download".  (Poll Everywhere does not work for Microsoft Office 365 online)

SNHU PowerPoint online with a selected PowerPoint drop-down menu with “download” boxed in red.

Step 1b: For an e-mail attachment, open the e-mail and press "Download".

SNHU outlook with a PowerPoint sent and a red arrow pointing towards the download icon and a red box around the PowerPoint attachment.

Once you open the presentation Poll Everywhere will prompt you stating the presentation is in Protected mode, select on "Remove Protected Flag".

When a PowerPoint file is downloaded from the Internet it is opened in protected mode until the user decides to trust and edit it.

Inside of the PowerPoint and the cursor on “remove protected flag.”

Step 1. Select File > Options.

Step 2. Select Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Protected View.

Step 3. Unchecked Enable Protected View for files originating from the internet.

In some cases moving the file to a trusted location like the Desktop can cause PowerPoint to trust the file.

Read-Only Presentation

When PowerPoint opens a read-only file, it will not allow modifications to the file until read-only flags are removed.

Inside of the PowerPoint with cursor on “remove protected flag.”

Step 1. Select File > Info.

Step 2. Review the Presentations status.

Homepage of desktop app of PowerPoint.

Step 3. Right-select File > Properties.

Step 4. Deselect read-only.

The properties of a PowerPoint on the general tab with cursor on the “ok” button.

If this does not work, try:

Saving the presentation by selecting Save As and changing the name of the document then, save the presentation on your Desktop for quick access.  The document should then work.

For additional assistance e-mail  [email protected]

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