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How to Disconnect Assignments from Grade Items


From inside your course, select COURSE ADMIN

Brightspace homepage with “course admin” boxed in red.

On the Course Administration page, select Assignments.

The course administration with “assignments” boxed in red.

On the Assignment Submission Folders page,  scroll to find the quiz you want to disconnect from the grade item and select the chevron.

The quiz section with the drop-down arrow boxed in red.

From the drop-down menu that appears, select EDIT SUBMISSION FOLDER

The drop-down menu with the “edit submission folder” boxed in red.

On the Edit Submission Folder page,  scroll down to find the Grade Item field and select the chevron.

The graded item with “chapter 3 and 4 quiz” boxed and an arrow pointing at the drop-down menu arrow. With a text box “select here to see the drop-down menu.”

In the drop-down menu, select NONE at the top of the list so this assignment will no longer be associated with any grade item.

The assignments and the “none” selection boxed in red.

Finally select, SAVE AND CLOSE button at the bottom of the screen.

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