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How to Add Alternative Text (Alt. Text) for Images in Word (Desktop Mac)


The best practice is to use sans-serif fonts rather than serif or decorative fonts. Sans serif does not have decorative lines. The fonts would include Arial, Calibri, Century Gothic, Tahoma, and Verdana. The font size should be 12 pt.—font for the body text. The font could be larger depending on the audience or page layout.

1. Create a Word document.

2. Add the photo you want to include.

3. Right click on the photo and select "Edit Alt Text..."

Photo of Africa in background with a drop down menu with "Edit Alt Text..." boxed.

4. Add your description of the photo.

Make it simple and easy for someone to understand.

Pop up to add alt. text. With "Picture of the world at night." inside of the box.

5. Make sure the description tells message needed.

Sometimes Word will automatically include a description. Make sure to check it so that the message you want to convey is included in the description.

Alt. text pop up with "Map of Africa and Europe at night showing the different power usages. Comparing the difference between underdeveloped continent to developed continent."

This provides people with a better understanding of what the photo shows and allows them to participate in the document.

Select the links below to watch and/or listen to the tutorial:

How to Video For Adding Alt. Text for Images in Word (Desktop Mac) (00:00:56)

Another great resource would be this article about alt. text and what should be included when describing the image How to create Alternative Text

Video for why it is important to add alt. text to image (00:02:20)

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