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How to Translate With SensusAccess


Select the Link Below

Navigate to SensusAccess Homepage will bring you to the SensusAccess homepage and you do not need to go through the online accessibility center anymore by using this link.

Select the "Choose Files" Button

Sensus Access interface.

Chose the File You Want to Convert

Change the Output Language

There are many different languages you can choose from.

Sensus Access interface and chose language.

This is a helpful way when learning a new language for class or you do not speak the language the documentation is in.

Enter Email and Select Submit

Enter in your SNHU email address.

Sensus Access with email address box.

SensusAccess Will Send an Email of the Converted Document

Email from Sensus Access with two links of recordings.

Number 1 will allow you to listen to it.

Number 2 will allow you to download it.

It is a best practice to download it so you will always have it.

It may take a couple of minutes to a couple of hours depending on how big the original document was.

Select the link below to watch and/or listen to the tutorial:

How to Video for Translating with SensusAccess (00:01:01)

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