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How to Combined Multiple Videos in Screen-Cast-O-Matic


Login to your Screen Cast-O Matic account

1. Open the video you want to add to another video.

2. Follow the steps below:

  1. Select on "Tools" 
  2. Select on "Paste"
Screen-Cast-O-Matic settings with "Tools" marked as one and "Copy" as two.

3. A gray bar will appear and from the beginning drag to the end of where needed once you have all of the selected video select "OK."

Gray area of the video being copied.

The play button would show you the clip

4. Go to the final video.

  1. Select "Tools" 
  2. Select "Insert" 
  3. Select "Paste Recording"
Screen-Cast-O-Matic settings with "tools" as one, "Insert" as two, and "Paste Recording" as three.

5. The green bar will show you were you want to insert the copied video once done select "OK."

The blue bar showing where the video will be added.

Inserting a video will unfortunately remove the captions from all the clips you are mixing together. The timing has to be recalculated whenever a new insert occurs. It is recommended running the "speech to text" tool again to re-caption the recording to update the captions. 

Select on the link below to watch and/or listen to the tutorial:

How to Video for Combining Multiple Videos in One Video (00:01:30)

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