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How to Use Read&Write Picture Dictionary (Mac)


To use Read&Write tools on Safari you will need to enable the Read&Write extensions. There is a Screen Steps for how to enable it.

1. Open the Read & Write application on your desktop.

Read & Write tool bar.

2. Double click on the word you want a picture for highlighting.

A sentence with a word highlighted in the sentence.

3. Select the "Picture Dictionary" icon from the tool bar.

Read&write tool bar with the "Dictionary" icon boxed.

4. A photo of the highlighted word will come up.

Cartoon photo of Earth on top, a cartoon person digging, and a planet with a ring and an E.

Select the links below to watch and/or listen to the tutorial:

Dictionary and Picture Dictionary

How to Video for Using the Picture Dictionary on a Mac (00:00:30)

Select the link below for the Screen Steps for how to enable Safari extensions:

How to enable Safari extensions

How to Enable Safari Extensions (Mac)

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