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How to Adjust General Settings in Read&Write


1. Open the Read&Write application from your desktop.

The Read&Write tool bar.

2. Select the "Settings" icon from the tool bar.

Read&Write tool bar with the "Settings" icon boxed.

3. A new window will appear with the different settings that can be changed for best experience.

The general settings pop up with many features.

Appearance: Allows you to change the colors for certain words.

Customize toolbar: The tools that are wanted in the toolbar and the order.

Dictionary: Adding words that are currently not in the dictionary.

Web Search: Selecting the search engine that you want any searches to go through.

Screen masking: Some of the different ways that you can change screen masking. (How to Screen Mask with Read&Write (Mac))

Speech: Adding "Speak as I type" and when you want it to read it to you. (How to Turn on Read & Write's "Speak as I type")

Spelling: How the program will spell check your spelling.

Select on the link below to watch and/or listen to the tutorial:

How to Video for Adjusting General Settings on Mac (00:01:00)

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