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How To Use and Features Microsoft Immersive Reader


The best practice is to use sans-serif fonts rather than serif or decorative fonts. Sans serif does not have decorative lines. The fonts would include Arial, Calibri, Century Gothic, Tahoma, and Verdana. The font size should be 12 pt—font for the body text. The font could be larger depending on the audience or page layout.

The Microsoft Immersive Reader is a free tool that automatically breaks up words into syllables, making it easier for students to master pronunciation. This tool is designed to help comprehension, better fluency, better engagement, the ability to take ownership and make students more confident in their own learning.

1.) Select "View" from the top ribbon.

The Microsoft home ribbon.

2.) Select "Immersive Reader."

The immersive reader button.

3.) Using the options above, you may change settings and have the text read aloud to you.

Use the settings to have the words read aloud.

You can change the settings of the immersive read

The settings button for the immersive reader.

You can change the voice and how fast the person talks.

The reading speed of the immersive reader and the person that reads the text.

To View and Listen to a Video Tutorial:

Select the link below to watch and/or listen to the tutorial: 

How to Video for Using and Features Microsoft Immersive Reader (00:00:54)

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