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How to Use docReader and the Features


Open Brightspace and Open a Document in a Course

Select the "Open with docReader" button underneath

The bottom of Brightspace with four different buttons. The "open with docReader" boxed in red.

Select "Listen" for the document to be read

The listen button at the top of docReader.

Selecting this button and after a bit of loading the document will start to be read out loud to users.

There are also the Play/Pause/Stop Button

The play and stop button on docReader.

The play and pause button changes depending on which one is active. Selecting the buttons will cause audio to pause, restart, or stop all together.

Selecting the "Show/Hide Sidebar" will Ether Show or Hide the Bar to the Left

The “Show/Hide Sidebar” boxed and to the left all of the places the docReader can jump too.  The chapter button boxed in white.

Selecting this will cause all the information to be hidden or unhide depending on what is active.

Using the Page Navigator will Jump to The Page

The page jumper tool.

Using this tool and you can change the current page that you are on.

Layout Mode and Text Mode

The "Layout Mode" and "Text Mode" tools with the layout mode feature active.

Layout mode keeps the current formatting of the document while the text mode will change it to just the text in the document. Allowing for people to just have text and not worry about any extra formatting that was inserted to the document.

More Tools Menu

The "More Tools" button.

Selecting this button will give you access to nine more useful tools that you can use.


The settings wheel cog for docReader.

Selecting this will give you a lot of different settings to change around how the docReader works for you and change the to make it the best use for yourself.

Page Mask

The “Page Mask” button.

Only where the cursor is shown will be visible to users. Anything else will be greyed out.

Reading Ruler

The “Reading Ruler” button.

A rulers will appear and like page mask will follow the cursor. On the ruler will be settings to make it larger, smaller, or close out.


The “Highlighter, Hide, and Unhide” button.

Selecting this will give you access to highlight parts of the document and will be able to hide or unhide the portion highlighted.


The “Download” button.

Selecting the button will allow you to download the document with the highlighted portion and other changes made with docReader.


The “Save” button.

Selecting this button will allow to save the original document unedited.


The “Help” button.

Will bring you to a new documentation where you can find articles to get help.

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