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How to Use the Listen Feature in Brightspace Powered by ReadSpeaker


Open Brightspace and find the listen button in the course page

The listen and play button of ReadSpeaker.  Listen button boxed in red.

The text will start to be read out loud to the user.

The volume button

The volume selector boxed in black.

Can adjust the volume of the voice reading the text.


The settings page of ReadSpeaker. With the settings cog boxed in black.

There are many different settings that users can change to make it work best for the user.

Download the .mp3 file

The terms and agreements of downloading. The download button and the agree button boxed.  With the download button boxed in black and the "agree and download file" boxed in red.

Will download the text as a .mp3 for the users to bring where ever you go even without access to the internet.

Closing the mini-player

The close botton boxed for the mini-player.  The close button boxed in black.

Will close the mini-player.

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