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How to Add and Use High Color Contrast


Select “Add to Chrome.”

It will download to your toolbar.

The “Add to Chrome” button.

Select “Add Extension” from the Pop-Up Window.

The downloading pop-up window. The "add extension" button boxed in red.

You Can Select the Puzzle Piece to Find it.

The google chrome toolbar. The puzzle piece button boxed in red.

Selecting the Pushpin Will Pin it to Your Toolbar.

Google Chrome toolbar and extensions downloaded.  Push pin icon has an arrow pointing at it.

Selecting the Extension Will Open the Extension.

The settings of the High Color Contrast extension. The color scheme options are boxed in red.

You can Select One of the Options and Your Screen will Change Depending on What You Selected.

Below is the “Normal” SNHU homepage.

SNHU homepage at a normal contrast.

Below is the “Increase Contrast” SNHU homepage.

SNHU homepage at increase contrast.
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