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How to Use Microsoft Immersive Reader to Help with Dyslexia (Any Web Browser)


Open the Website That you Need Help Reading.

Website for Dyslexia friendly fonts guide.

Open a Black Word Document.

 New Word document the online version.

Copy and Paste the Website Article.

The web article pasted into a Word document.

Select “View.”

Document.docMicrosoft ribbons.x

Select “Immersive Reader.”

The view ribbion.

Immersive Reader Settings.

The immersive reader settings page.
  1. Start the audio of the word document.
  2. Settings for the audio. Can change speed and the gender of the audio.
  3. The font settings. Can change font style, size, and color. NOTE: these changes will only be in immersive reader the original documents will stay the same.
  4. Grammar options selecting parts of speech to be highlighted certain colors.
  5. Reading settings, you can change the way that the words look in the immersive reader.

To View and Listen to a Video Tutorial:

Select the link below to watch and/or listen to the tutorial:

How to Video For Using Microsoft Immersive Reader to Help with Dyslexia (Any Browser) (00:01:04)

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