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How to Use Helperbird in Firefox and Chrome


Open Google Chrome or Firefox

Select the Helperbird Logo from Your Browser Toolbar

With The Free Version Comes With a Lot of Helpful Features:

  1. Pause Helperbird
  2. Changing font options
  3. Change the word spacing
  4. Change the letter spacing
  5. Magnifier
  6. Immersive Reader
  7. Reader mode
  8. Text to speech
  9. Translate
  10. Paragraph width
  11. Color blindness
  12. Screenshot
  13. Print
  14. Tooltip

Pause Helperbird

Will stop any features currently turned on and when turned back off all settings will be brought back to prior to turning it on.

Helperbird pause button feature.

Changing Font Options

Select the font that you want the webpage changed to then select turn on will change the website with the selected font. The OpenDyslexic fonts are best for those who are dyslexic.

Helperbird change font feature.

Change Word Spacing

Will change how far the words are from one another. The word spacing will also, help those who are dyslexic because the words are further apart.

Helperbird word spacing feature.

Change Letter Spacing

Will change how far the letters are from one another. The letter spacing will also, help those who are dyslexic because the letters are further apart.

Helperbird letter spacing feature.


Will increase or decrease the view of the webpage.

Helperbird magnifier feature.

Immersive Reader

Will act like the Microsoft immersive reader it will get rid of images and video and show just the text. You can also select to have it spoken to you. There is an article for the Microsoft version which can be found here: How to Use Microsoft Immersive Reader to Help with Dyslexia (Any Web Browser)

Helperbird immersive reader feature.

Text to Speech

Can type what you want spoken then select play.

Helperbird text to speech feature.


Select the language you feel most comfortable with, and the webpage will change to the selected language. There are many languages you can select from.

Helperbird translate feature.

Paragraph Width

Will change the width of the paragraph to make it easier to read.

Helperbird paragraph widthe feature.

Color Blindness

Will change the color of links and can also change the title colors.

Helperbird color blindness feature.


Will take a screenshot then download it to your desktop.

Helperbird screenshot button.


Will set up the print page then for the webpage.

Helperbird print button.


Show the alternative text when hovering with a cursor.

Helperbird tooltip feature.

Additional Help

Any feature you can select the three dots and then select "How to Use."

How to use button.
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