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How to Add Accessibility Properties to Word Document (Desktop Mac)


Specifying the document title ensures there is a programmatic method to identify the document and may help provide metadata to searches performed by users of assistive technology. A document subject and author provide an additional  description of the document. The document keywords field allows metadata to be provided about the document, which makes it easier to find.

There are several document properties that must be set to ensure the document is accessible. In addition, interactive features such as links and bookmarks can be added at this step. Properties to set include: 

  • Document title  
  • Document subject  
  • Document author  
  • Document keywords

Open Word Document.

Select “File” from Top of Your Mac Screen.

Apple toolbar.

From the Drop-Down Menu Select “Properties…”

Word options underneath file.

From the Pop-Up Select “Summary.”

Properties options.

Fill in as Much Information that You Can Provide.

The summary page of the properties.

The more information that you can provided the better it is for people using assistive technology while using the internet.  

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