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How to Add Alternative Text (Alt. Text) to Excel (Desktop Mac)


How to Add Alt. Text to Images, Shapes, and Icons

Right Select the Image, Shape, or Icon

The menu from right selecting the image.

Select “Edit Alt. Text…”

Edit alt. text button from the drop-down menu.

Explain What the Image, Shape, or Icon is

Alt. text box with the words “the SNHU logo” for example.

In this example you could say “The SNHU logo.” If the image shape, or icon is only decorative select the box to let the screen reader and user know that it is not important to understand the content.

How to Add Alt. Text to Graphs and Tables

Select the Entire Graph

Excel with a graph for example.

Right Select on the Graph

Menu from right-clicking on graph.

Select “Edit Alt. Text …”

The edit alt. text… button from the drop-down from right-clicking.

Explain What the Graph Shows in the Description Box

The description box for a graph in excel.

Include some important information from it. For this quick example “The time it takes during the study for the trial to be completed. As the trials increase also does the time.”

To View and Listen to a Video Tutorial:

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