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How to Use Accessibility Checker in Excel (Microsoft 365 Web App)


Select the “Review” Ribbon Form the Top of Your Excel Sheet

The review button inside of excel online.

Select the “Check Accessibility” Button

The check accessibility button of excel online.

On the Right Side the Results will Come in

The accessibility checker results with excel online.

When You Select Any of the Results It Will Bring You to The Issue

The selected issue and it is showing what the issue is. With the SNHU logo missing alt. text.

When selecting one of the selected issues it brings you to the selected issue.

The issue here is that there are merged cells which makes it harder for a screen reader to read this would go against the best practices for making an excel sheet. You can find more information about this with the following article How to Use Best Practices When Creating an Excel with Accessibility in Mind

Some of the issues might include some of the formatting that is included in the How to Add Alternative Text to Excel (Desktop Mac) or missing alterative text which can be found How to Add Alternative Text to Excel (Desktop Mac).

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