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How to Use Brightspace Accessibility Checker


Open a discussion board, announcement, or any other text box in Brightspace. Using the accessibility checker is important because it helps people who are using screen readers, other assistive technology, or have another disability understand what is being conveyed to those who are able-bodied.

In the Bottom Text Box Select the Eye Icon

Brightspace creating a new announcement with an image of the SNHU logo in the text box. With the eye icon also known, as the accessibility checker boxed in red.

In the Pop-Up Will Show Any Issues with the Text

The Brightspace accessibility checker pop-up box.

Inside of the Pop-Up will Ask for Missing Information

The Brightspace accessibility checker pop-up box with missing alternative text and, in the box the words “SNHU logo.”

With this example, is missing alternative text and the missing text would be “SNHU logo.”

Then You Can Select “Next Issue”

The Brightspace accessibility checker with the missing alternative text and, the words “SNHU logo” and a red box around “next issue.”
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