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How to Add Alternative Text (Alt. Text) to Images in PollEverywhere


Poll Everywhere presenters have the ability to enable alternative text for images, adding customized text descriptions to multiple choice, ranking, or clickable image activities, for participants using screen readers.  This document will show you how to turn on this feature and how to use it when adding an image to an activity.

Log in to

Access your profile settings by selecting on the profile tab in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Poll Everywhere homepage with a green box around the profile and a white arrow pointing at it.

Go to the Features Lab page to Enable Alternative Text (Alt. Text)

1.  Select on the Features lab link on the left side of the screen.

A green box around the “features lab” from selecting the profile.

2.  Toggle the Image alt-text option to ON.

3.  Select the Apply lab settings button.

Inside of the settings with a red box around the on button for “image alt. text” and A red box around the “apply lab settings.”

Add an Image to an Activity and Add Alt-Text

You can use images as response options when creating certain activities by pasting a direct link, or uploading one from your computer using the picture icon or the upload icon (depending on the choice of activity).

1.  From the Activities page, select to create a new activity.

A red box around “+ activity.”

2.  Select an activity type, only some allow images, for example to multiple choice or clickable image activities, among others.  In this example, we will select Clickable Image.

3.  Enter something in the Title field.

4.  Select one of the provided images or upload one of your own.

An image added with a red box around “clickable image,” a red box around an array of faces, and a red box around different way to add an image.

5.   Select on the Alternative text box and enter a text description of the image.

6.  Select Create.

A black box around the alt. text box and a black box around the “create” button.

An article on what to include in alt. text can be found How to create Alternative Text.

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