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How to Use Accessibility Insights for Web


How to Add Microsoft Insight Extensions to Chrome

Select "Add to Chrome"

Add to chrome button.

Select "Add extension"

Adding extension pop-up box.

Select the Puzzle piece. To add Microsoft Insights to your extension toolbar.

Puzzle piece for the toolbar menu.

Select the push pin to pin th extension to the extension toolbar.

Menu for the extension toolbar.

The Microsoft Insights extension will now be pinned to the toolbar.

Microsoft insights extension pinned to the toolbar.

Overview of Accessibility Insights for Web

​​​​​​​Accessibility Insights for Web is an extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge that helps users find and fix accessibility issues in web apps and sites.

  • The tool allows you to test two ways:
    • FastPass is a two-step, automated process that identifies high-impact issues in less than five minutes.
    • Assessment is a more thorough process that walks you through assisted and manual testing in addition to providing the automated Fastpass results.
  • SNHU’s Digital Accessibility and Compliance team recommends using Assessment for your forms, page templates, or when introducing new code or functionality into a page.
  • To learn more watch Accessibility Insights for Web's Introduction video

Assessment testing includes:

  • Automated checks: the tool automatically checks for compliance with approximately 50 accessibility requirements.
  • Manual tests: step-by-step instructions, examples, and how-to-fix guidance are provided for approximately 20 tests; many tests are "assisted", which means that the tool identifies the test instances or provides a visual helper.
  • To learn more watch Accessibility Insights for Web's Assessment video.

How to-test web forms using Accessibility Insights for Web:

  1. Download the extension for the appropriate browser
    1. Chrome
    2. Microsoft Edge
  2. Open web form in the appropriate browser
  3. Open Accessibility Insights for Web extension
  4. Select Assessment 
Accessibility Insights extension pop-up with "assesment" highlighted.
  1. Start the assessment in the order it is listed on the left-hand side
    1. Automated checks are first
  2. Continue with manual tests
    1. Starting with keyboard navigation, use Tab to navigate forward and Shift+Tab to navigate backwards through each field.  
  3. When testing manually if you are unable to move from one element to another using the keyboard, use your mouse and resume testing
    1. Note any issues where you can not use the keyboard in your results.
  4. If you are unsure how to test an element expand the arrow by “How to Test” 
  5. If you have specific questions regarding why the manual test is important or how it can be fixed select the “i” icon
  6. Record your results for each manual test instance
    1. If you find any failures select fail and note them.
    2. Otherwise select pass.
  7. You can share results at any time by exporting
    1. We recommend waiting until you have completed 100% of the assessment to share results

Testing tips:

  1. It is recommended to turn on the visual helpers because it highlights relevant elements. 
  2. If you run into any issues when testing, you can always start over, by clicking the "start over" button on the top right of the test.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts can help run automated checks and turn on visual helpers without navigating away from the page.

Additional Resources/Help

Additional Resources:

To watch a video on How to Use Accessibility Insights for Web (00:05:31)

For additional information please contact:

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