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How to Use Google Lighthouse to Check Accessibility


NOTE: This is for Google Chrome ONLY

Go to The Page You Want to Test

Right-click on the page

From the drop-down menu select "Inspect"

Right-click drop-down menu.

You will want to select "Lighthouse." You may need to select the double arrows in the top bar to find "Lighthouse."

Inspect menu.
  • Select what you would like to test.
  • Once, you have them selected select "Generate Report."
  • It would be a best practice to select only "accessibility" and "best practices" and then run both the "mobile" and "desktop" device. For this purpose we suggest running it twice.
Lighthouse homepage.
  • Once, completed it will give a percentage score out of 100.
  • You can go through the different testing to find out more information about what did not pass the automatic checker.
Test results of the lighthouse.

Note: you may see a warning at the top telling you that there were issues affecting this run of lighthouse even if you do use an incognito window. This is ok, but beware of possible false positives in this situation.

Understanding the Results of Test

Issues Grouped by Type

Lists the issues that failed the automated checks. Expand the accordion by selecting the Carat on the right to see more details including the failing elements.

Issues that were found in the scan.

Items to Manually Check with Lighthouse

Lighthouse will provide you with a list of items to check manually. Finding it lower in the results page.

The additional items to manually check.

Information on how to test them if you expand the carat on the right.

Manually testing and how to tab order.

Passed Audits

  • This section is for your reference about items that have passed! You do not have do anything with this information.
  • The information could be used for updating roadmaps and updating others on progress.
List of the passed checks.

Not Applicable

The number of automated checks that appear not to apply to the scan.

List of the not applicable checks.

Runtime Settings

Runtime information could be useful when vendors or others are trying to trouble shoot any issues.

The runtime report of the scan.

Helpful Resources

More information about accessibility and barriers encountered.

To learn about data privacy.

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