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How to Use Pope Tech


Over View of Pope Tech

Pope Tech runs a WAVE scan every week around 1 am on Monday and emails the results to a list of people. Another feature that needs to be done manually is a crawl which adds new pages and removes old pages from the scan. Pope Tech can only find about 30% of accessibility related issues. The priority of fixes that Pope Tech flags would be errors to color contrast errors to alerts and finally features.

How to Use Pope Tech

  1. Check email for any changes (the weekly report on Mondays)
    • You can see change by underneath the number with an up or down arrow
    • If any changes or not what you were expecting navigate to Pope Tech
Pope Tech summary email.
  1. Log-in to pope tech
Pope tech login page.
  1. You may need to select “ScreenSteps” from the website drop-down in the top right
  2. Then select “Update
Drop down menu of "websites."
  1. Once updated the types (errors, contrast, alerts, etc.) will be grouped in the left-hand side of the screen in the “Result Types” widget
Overview area of selected sites.
  1. If you select a type, you can see the issues being flagged
The overview area of found issues.
  1. You can select the double arrows under details to see where that issue is being flagged at
Amount of certain issues.
  1. Select the double arrows underneath “details”
  1. You can then select any of the options to see the issue
    1. Page: Go the page with the issue
    2. Code: See the code for the page with issue
    3. Dismiss: Dismiss the issue (if it is wrong)
    4. Inspect: A pop-up of the page will appear
    5. WAVE: Go to the page with WAVE already ran
The different options to see issues.
  1. Address the issue
    • Go to ScreenSteps Help
      • Search the issue
    • WAVE may offer insight on how to fix the issue
    • Most common errors and alerts can be fixed with How to Create an Accessible ScreenSteps Article
    • Ask Curtis or Patty
      • Wait for your 1:1 with Curtis or Patty
      • If it something that really is important you can send a message or schedule a meeting with one of them
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